Need a Mouth Guard for Snoring? We Review the Best Options on the Market

Most people think of snoring as a minor problem, but those who suffer from it - really suffer from it - know that it can seriously impact your quality of life. Fortunately, there are many options for dealing with excessive snoring, including sprays, nose clips, and even surgery. However, for many people, the best option is a mouth guard for snoring or snoring mouthpiece (not to be confused with an occlusal guard for grinding teeth).

When we sleep, our jaw muscles relax, and for many people this causes the tongue and other tissue to sag and restrict air passage through the throat. This irregular passage of air causes snoring. A properly fitted mouth guard pulls the jaw forward and prevents the tongue from obstructing your throat.

Your doctor or dentist may suggest a custom fitted mouth guard. For those who can't afford the doctor's visit or the cost of the custom fitted mouth guard, there are alternatives. Before paying hundreds of dollars for a mouth guard fitted at the dentist, you might want to consider a cheaper over the counter alternative. Here are my reviews of the top three options.

1. Custom Fitted ProSnore II

If you're looking for a custom-fitted snore guard like you might get at the dentist, but at about a third of the price, a good option is the ProSnore II. It's certainly more expensive than boil-and-bite mouth guards, but far more affordable than what you would pay at a healthcare professional.

ProSnore provides a kit that you can use to make your own dental impressions at home. You simply mail those impressions in and receive your custom fitted snoring mouthpiece in the mail.

ProSnore is also designed to protect your jaw and teeth from teeth grinding. If you also suffer from that problem, it could be doubly useful for you.

2. Snore Eliminator Anti Snoring Mouthpiece 

An even cheaper option is the Snore Eliminator. To mold this mouth guard to your mouth, you simply submerge it in boiling water and bite down on it when the material is malleable. After it cools, the device should fit securely in your mouth.

This snore guard is on the soft side. It's comfortable enough to sleep with for most people, though as it the case with all mouthpieces, it's highly subject to individual preferences.

Fortunately, the Snore Eliminator is cheap enough that you can try it out without fear of losing much. You can purchase online through Amazon.

3. Baby Pants Adult Pacifier 

And now for something completely different. Many people are extolling the virtues of adult pacifiers, and not just for the reasons you might suspect. Users of adult pacifiers claim they prevent snoring and in addition, the soothing effects of these devices result in a much better night's sleep.

Why would pacifiers prevent snoring? Probably because you're periodically repositioning your jaw as you suck on them.

Obviously, adult pacifiers aren't an option for everyone. But if you can get past the oddity of the idea, it might be worth a try. You can purchase the Baby Pants Adult Pacifier through Amazon.

Final Thoughts
Using any new snoring mouthpiece takes some getting used to. However, if you experience jaw pain with one of these devices, you should stop using it, as it's a sign that the device is not properly fitted to your mouth.

If a mouth guard doesn't solve your snoring problem, there are many other options to try, including many natural remedies. However, for a severe snoring problem, see a professional for help. Sometimes snoring is a symptom of a larger medical problem.